A Lineage Of Excellence: The Origins

[1940s] 1st Generation: Madam Chee Kin Sheang

The 1st Generation Master was Madam Chee Kin Sheang, born 1913, originally from Fujian, China where she was a disciple in Zhong1 Chuan1 Xi1 Jue2 Temple. During the World War II, when the Japanese invaded and occupied China, millions of Chinese were under mortality threat. The Master, with no worldly possessions, migrated to Malaysia in hope to spread Buddhism & Taoism teachings to this part of the world.

She was well received by the locals in her new homeland and after several years, she put to good use the donation that she has received from the public to establish a praying sanctuary for Buddhist & Taoist devotees who wishes to understand deeper the way of live. The Chin Yeun Temple was hence formally established in Year 1949.

In Year 1958, a devotee was moved by the Master's dedication towards public welfare and the common people's well being, that he decided to donate a piece of land in Muar, Johor, for the Master to build a larger structure which could host the increasing number of practitioners. The property went through further renovation and expansion work undertaken by her true disciple Mr. Chai Woon Terk on 11th November 1984 to arrive at where it is today.

The 1st Generation Master retired in in her 70s due to old age and fully handed over the Bazi analysis practice to her one and only disciple, Mr. Chai Woon Terk. She passed away peacefully in Year 2009 due to old age at the age of 96, and the 2nd Generation Master has since continued with Bazi analysis and Feng Shui consultation for more than 30 years.

[1980s] 2nd Generation: Mr. Chai Woon Terk 

In the 1980s, the Guru accepted a 2nd Generation Disciple, Chai Woon Terk who was a very devoted teacher in the local municipal's public school. He understudied the his Master closely for many years, before he started providing Bazi analysis services together with the Master. Through his further research and analysis, he was able to combine his learnings from Bazi analysis with Feng Shui knowledge to create a stream of Feng Shui consultation that is unique with improved accuracy. He is the founder of Chin Yeun Temple Fate Analysis Center, with initial consultation services conducted within the temple grounds, but have since operated independently out of his humble abode to avoid unnecessary bias and stereotyping linked to a religion, and to ensure the work of Bazi & Feng Shui analysis can be accessed by all. He is 66 years old in year 2012.

[2010s] 3rd Generation: Master Chai

In Year 2007, at the age of 61 and to ensure continuity of the practice, the 2nd Generation Master started imparting his knowledge in Bazi analysis & Feng Shui consultation to the 3rd Generation Disciple, who was and is still thriving in his own corporate career, with a passion for the practice. After years of study, he has since started practising Bazi analysis & Feng Shui consultation for various clients. He is the founder of the current Fengshui.Life, which was officially launced on Wednesday 14 November 2012.

Timeless Source of Knowledge: The 3 Lives Fate Analysis Manual

To add multiple perspectives and dimensions into Bazi readings, The 3 Lives Fate Analysis Book, written since the ancient Chinese era by practitioners of fate analysis, is used. Fengshui.Life is genuinely interested in pursuing and utilizing knowledge from our past ancestors to assist mankind in their pursuit of peace and happiness, hence we openly share and publish the source of our beginnings. The secret does not lies in the book itself but rather how you interpret its contents. Fengshui.Life Masters have practiced the art of fate reading and analysis for the past 3 generations.

Timeless Source of Knowledge: Tong Shen

The Tong Shen, also known as the Tong Shu (Book Of All), is a traditional Chinese Almanac manuscript published and circulated in many Asian countries annually in alignment to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It serves as an unprecedented source of writing for many Asians to understand the annual realignment of stars and how these variations guide their annual interactions in health, relationships, career and wealth.

This manuscript documents a wealth of information that is seemingly complex and unpenetrable, but it truly takes patience, keen observation and most importantly experience to decipher the explanations pursued by its contents. The multitude of contents will almost always overwhelm a casual reader, with sections containing Chinese cultural beliefs which may have a slightly different bearing from direction of fate analysis that is being pursued by Fengshui.Life. Hence only the most relevant and widely tested-and-true contents are being referenced and interpreted by Fengshui.Life Masters.

Interestingly, the book is within everyone's reach as it is usually carried in stock by Chinese book stores in Asian countries. The most common section that is being referenced by an avid Chinese literate reader is the calendar where checks are being done on selecting an auspicious date for weddings and launch of businesses, but experience is most welcomed when the equation is further complicated by the Chinese Astrological signs of a couple or multiple business partners. After all, we hope you only get married once in a lifetime.

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