Harness The Natural Source of Enercy (Qi) Around You

Wind. Water. Pure source of natural energy. Direct and channel the pure energy of our surroundings so that we can breathe easy and live free.

FengShui.Life's Feng Shui Consultation Service

Fengshui.Life provides Feng Shui consultation for all types of properties, and addresses the most popular interest areas amongst Feng Shui practitioners. The approach employed by the Fengshui.Life Master aligns to the current environment, financial affordability and appetite for change of each person or group. While resolution (big changes, renovation to structures) may be the most effective way, mitigation (small changes, placement of Feng Shui ornaments) could be equally resourceful. Sometimes, there's absolutely no need to, "use a cannon to kill a fly".


Applying the fundamental Feng Shui concepts of Left (Green Dragon), Right (White Tiger), Front (Phoenix Stool) and Back (Turtle Hill) is half a battle won

Modern & gadget driven bedrooms may interrupt the intimacy & personal time needed for a couple

The potential clash of Yin & Yang elements in a kitchen is avoidable with a carefully designed blueprint that is artistic but yet compliant to feng shui practices

Making the artistic 3D sketchings of an interior designer compliant with Feng Shui 101s is a challenging piece of work; but that is when the skills and experience of a Master smoothens the journey. The most common areas to address around a personal property are:
1. What is the most ideal property type for me to circulate chi? Is it a bungalow, semi-D, terrace or condominium?
2. Where should the main door of my property be facing to build stability?
3. Which direction should I position the headrest of my bed to ensure a good night's rest and therefore longevity?
4. How do I set up the wealth, wisdom and romance corners to encourage the positive development of these traits?
5. Where should I position my kitchen stove and how do I set up my kitchen to create abundance?
6. How do I allocate rooms amongst the family members staying in the same house to foster harmonious and supportive relationships?

Business Offices, Cubicles & Retail Shops

The concrete jungle: how to be a leader and not just a survivor in the highly competitive world of business entrepreneurship

There are unlimited permutations to the characteristic and behavior of the human population. Who should you trust and where do they shine the most?

Pillars and glasses within the office premises: architectural limitations of every building, or a challenge that can be resolved by well thought out interior design?

Profitability. Sustainability. Legacy. The Feng Shui requirements of business premises differs from that of our restive sanctuary. Priorities are given to achieving results, maintaining growth, retaining the best talents, nurturing hard work and honesty amongst the workforce, and laying the ground work for future expansion. Business owners are always challenging themselves to find the right answers to the common work place Feng Shui questions:
1. Where should the main door of my office or building be facing to stimulate revenue and profit?
2. Where should I position the various functions (finance, HR, sales, technical) with reference to a floor plan to encourage each department to perform at their peak?
3. Where should I set up the wealth corner (cash register) in my shop for my business to prosper?
4. Which are the staffs whom I can trust as a team player to help me manage my business?
5. What are the mitigations structural challenges such as pillars, glasses and exits in the working premises that are causing Feng Shui disadvantages?

Factories & Lands

Tax breaks and a location bordering a shipping port. Do I accept the terms and conditions of the offer?

The cloning process in manufacturing lines. Can we also clone sucesses through Feng Shui?

A lake in front of the house, and a golf course in the backyard. Is this plot of land a suitable location to build my dream house?

Investments on lands and setting up factories are life changing decisions that could lead to the rise of an ambitious rookie or fall of a seasoned business person. Do you take the leap of faith to expand your business empire but risking everything? While this is not a yes-or-no question, with black-and-white answers, a comprehensive Feng Shui consultation will bring you many steps closer to be at the forefront of success.
1. Is the shape of the land conducive for manufacturing or production lines?
2. Is the land "fertile" for business growth and wealth generation?
3. Are the surrounding infrastructures (buildings, roads, power plants, water supply) in agreement with fundamental Feng Shui principles?

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