Can You Change Your Fate?

Fengshui.Life is a Bazi & Feng Shui consultative service to provide you with guidance on how to improve & enhance your health, love, career and wealth based on the predictive analysis of your date of birth, time of birth & gender.

What Is Bazi?

Bazi is a predictive analysis of your future in the areas of luck, health, love, career & wealth based on your date of birth, time of birth & gender. Bazi is based on ancient Chinese astrological & cultural studies which has been practiced for thousands of years, and is generally passed down from one generation of practitioner to another. Bazi analysis is widely adopted in Countries with predominantly Chinese communities such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore & Malaysia. The practice is vastly spreading and gaining popularity in the Western spheres as an increasing number of work is being translated into English language. Contrary to popular beliefs, Bazi is cultural, not religious.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is both an artistic & engineering feat to build & construct a living or working space that is in harmonious existence with its surroundings & nature, therefore allowing its inhabitants to fully appreciate life & reap the benefits through improved health, love, career & wealth. Feng Shui is a culturally developed system with countless variations which has been widely practiced for thousands of years, again in Countries with predominantly Chinese communities. Due to its more tangible implementation and visual end results, Feng Shui has gained more traction in the Western spheres as compared to Bazi.

What Makes FengShui.Life Reliable? The 1-2-3s

1 Proven Track Record

The current Master is a 3rd generation Bazi & Feng Shui practitioner, inheriting cumulative knowledge and field practices from the last 70 years from his Teacher and Grand Teacher. Since the 1940s, more than 26300 Bazi readings have been performed, and counting!

It's true that hobbyists may obtain similar theoretical knowledge about Bazi and Feng Shui through reading books or attending paid classes (and it comes with certificates!). But here in Fengshui.Life, we believe that the passed down knowledge for 3 generations does have a established edge and effect.

2 Analyzed By Human

Fate analysis is not a manufacturing production line. One size fits all doesn't apply in the unique study of fate. Thousands of combinations could arise as a result of multiple variables within each individual. Hence experienced and flexible interpretation of the results are essential to ensure an accurate outcome of the analysis.

Computers and cutting edge technology gadgets should be seen as tools that enables human to perform their jobs more effectively or efficiently, but should never be able to replace the human factor.

3 Affordable To Many

If you have an illness, there's a cure, but you can't afford it, wouldn't that be a shame? Bazi and Feng Shui readings may not be viewed as direct and obvious life saving tools, but in the long run, it does "saves lives". Hence Fengshui.Life takes it upon ourselves to ensure that the consultation fees are as affordable to as many as possible. It is our believe that everyone deserves a chance to understand how they could optimize their lives through the ancient art of Bazi and Feng Shui. Ultimately, by living a better lives ourselves, we can pass on the benefits to the people around us and make this world a better place to live in.

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