Life Is An Open Book

Fengshui.Life's BAZI analysis enables us to gain a new perspective on our lives. "When the Student is ready, the Master will appear" - Buddha

Once In A Life Time Analysis

This analysis provides a full spectrum of BAZI analysis, which is one of the most comprehensive style of analysis to date as compared to other singular traditional methods. The key areas of analysis are:
* 8 Characters, 4 Pillars & 5 Elements
* 4 Heavenly Stems Mentors & 4 Earthly Branches Clashes
* Astrological Weight or Bone Density, and 3 Lives or Karmic
* Dragon & Tiger Chart
* Critical Age & Mortality Checks

In simple English, this analysis enables you to find out how you can:
1. Improve your life in the key areas of health, relationship, career & wealth
2. Discover who are your potential allies and foes at home and at work, and consciously manage the relationship
3. Direct your life to where you want to be when you retire
4. Identify your potential health concerns and take precautions early
5. Use colors and personal accessories to boost your luck
6. Align yourself to careers which you're most likely to succeed in

Note: includes Yearly Luck Analysis for the year of reading

Yearly Luck Analysis

The stars move and realign themselves every year, thereby influencing the luck of every individuals annually. The Yearly Luck Analysis provides guidance throughout the year of reading, in all areas in life including wealth investments, new business ventures, career changes, marriage, starting a family and travel.

Auspicious Date Selection

Fengshui.Company provides auspicious date selection services for the following important & memorable events in your life:
* Wedding Ceremony
* Child Birth by Caesarian
* Official Opening of Business
* Moving into a New House
* First Day of Work

Love Couple & Business Partnership Compatibility Analysis

Improve your chances of success in love & business by performing a comparative BAZI analysis of the couple or multiple business partners. Gain a foresight into the relationship or partnership in the years to come, and obtain helpful advices to keep the fire burning or the business thriving!

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